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SleepONE PROPSV Pressure Support Ventilator Click Here For Catalog Information


Versatile with pressure controlled and support modes, together with volume targeting.

With its internal lithium- ion battery, ProPSV can provide approximately three hours of portable operation. This makes it suitable for more serious patients. Wide and colorful LCD screen provides real time pressure and flow  graphics. Optional integrated heated humidifer helps for preventing the symptoms of upper airway dryness. Ventilation therapy data saved in the SD Card can be downloaded easily for viewing and creating reports. Remote control and monitoring via realtime graphics (Patient Flow/Leak with event notifers, Pressure and Tidal Volume) is also possible with SleepOne Desktop Software.


“Volume targeting”

feature, when enabled, will increase pressure automatically if the patient’s tidal volume cannot reach the set target volume. Pressure increase range of this function can be adjusted from 3 to 10 cmH2O. Alarms, both audio and visual, including high/ low pressure, high/low volume, high frequency, high leak and low battery.


 Technical Specifications


 Ventilation modes  CPAP, PSV, Assisted PCV,
   PCV, ProSV, ProVT
 Pressure Range  3 – 35 cm H2O
 Target tidal volume  50 – 2000 ml
 Breath rate  4 – 50 bpm
 I:E Ratio  1:0.3 - 1:4.0
 Ins. Trigger  1 - 5, Auto
 Exp. Trigger  10% - 90%
 Size  18.1 x 15.5 x 11.7 cm
 Weight  1.260  kg
 Noise level  < 30 dBA
 Humidifcation  Optional SleepOne Heated Humidifer
 Alarms  High pressure, Low pressure, High volume,
   Low volume, High frequency, High leak,
   Low battery, SD card out
 Monitoring  Pressure, Flow, Tidal Volume, Frequency
 DC power source  12 V, 8 A
 Data management  SD Card stores up to 365 nights of detailed
   therapy data.
 Software  Data stored in the SD card  can be processed
   via SleepOne TrackPro software Remote
   control and monitoring via realtime
   graphics is also possible with
   SleepOne Desktop software.



ProPSV graphs


Suitable for the following diseases:

  • Obstructive respiratory disorders such as COPD
  • Restrictive respiratory disorders such as scoliosis, deformities of the thorax
  • Neurological, muscular and neuromuscular disorders that  affect respiratory
  • Central respiratory regulation disorders
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)