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SleepOne ProVT Click Here For Catalog Information

SleepOne ProVT Pressure Support Ventilation Device
Tidal Volume monitoring and targeting with ease

SleepOne ProVT

Stabilizing Tidal Volume with ease

SleepOne ProVT constantly monitors changes in the Tidal Volume of the patients. With Tidal Volume Targeting, It changes patient’s Pressure Support according to the Volume Target set. Pressure support ventilation for moving patient needs, easy as Bilevel therapy.

SleepOne ProVT monitors the patients Tidal Volume changes, and reacts according to the set Tidal Volume. Result is a much more stable Tidal Volume for patient. Auto Backup Rate is also calculated according to patient averages. Backup rate could also be set manually. Device slowly adjusts pressure, without disturbing the patients breathing.

Another feature in ProVT algorithm enables the healthcare professionals to adjust the speed of Pressure Support increase. This is adjustable between 1 cmH2O/min – 4 cmH2O/min. Also, tolerance for Tidal Volume Target is adjustable from 10% to 60%. These settings enable the healthcare professionals to adjust the ProVT in accordance with patient’s needs.

ProVT ensures that the patient is treated with minimum pressure needed to properly ventilate the patient. By tracking tidal volume, it provides easy operation and traceable compliance for the healthcare professionals.

Changing Pressure Support for changing needs

Tidal Volume changes, sometimes according to sleep stages or body position or else. Whatever the reason for changing Tidal Volume, ProVT can cope with the situation and give the patient needed pressure to fulfill Target Volume at the right time.

Technical Specifications

Working Mode             ProVT, CPAP

Ventilation Type           Leakage Ventilation

Pressure Range          4 - 35 cmH2O

Dimensions (WxDxH) 18.1 x 15.5 x 11.7 cm

Weight                        1.29 kg

Voltage                       100 - 240 V AC
Humidifier                   SleepOne Heated Humidifier
Data management     SD Card stores up to 365 nights of detailed therapy data.